University of Essex Student Review

By | May 3, 2021

First of all, I can say that I had a great time at the university in Essex . I can really recommend this to everyone. Do it – it’s worth it!

Important things to keep in mind:

1. Essential Pack and Accommodation

You will receive a recommendation from the university to buy what is known as an “essential pack”. I did it and I can only recommend it . There are different offers. Mine was called Essential pack and it contained all kinds of things like kitchen utensils and bedding. When you get here, you will only find a bed and a mattress. So either you take bedding with you or you just order it. Otherwise, the rooms are mostly equipped with a desk, desk chair, wardrobe and a small bedside table. I lived in the houses and had a small bathroom. But you don’t have a bathroom with all accommodations , so find out more about this.

2. Courses

At times you want to take care of your courses in Essex. Ask your university whether they are recognized for you . Here you have the opportunity to change the courses within a week, but always keep in mind that you have to synchronize this with your home university. As a rule, you can take 4 courses . I am studying business administration but have taken various subjects in Essex.

  • British society and culture
  • Introduction to banking
  • Introduction to public international law
  • Brand management

I only stayed for one semester (October-December) and usually had either an essay or an exam at the end of the semester. Sometimes it also happens that you will have both an essay and an exam. With regard to the essays, I can only recommend: start early enough. Use the time during the semester and write it as well as possible so that you have enough time to study for the exam at the end.

3. Eating / shopping / traveling

When you are in a foreign country, you always have to get used to the new food. But you can cook just as well in England as at home. You have a great, large communal kitchen where you can cook very well . Cook a lot together, it’s cheaper and more fun. Organizes international evenings where everyone cooks something typical from their home country. For shopping it is best to go to Tesco, there it is the cheapest. There is also a small shop on campus, but as I said, Tesco is cheaper and also offers a larger selection. Travels a lot!! Look at England. It is best to travel at the beginning of your stay, as you don’t have that much to do then. Among other things, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people. The university also offers some trips that are cheap, fun and, above all, well organized.

4. Campus

According to, the University of Essex has a huge campus with smaller lakes , lots of green spaces, a large library and, above all, lots of shops, bars, cafes and small restaurants. The restaurants are usually a bit more expensive. However, the SU bar is highly recommended. Many also meet there during the week to sit down a bit and talk about different things. It makes sense to go out a lot, especially at the beginning, in order to meet lots of new people. I can recommend that for your flat share too. Don’t sit in your room and eat, stay in the kitchen. Every now and then someone comes in by chance.

All in all, I can only say that I had a great time here , that I met a lot of nice people and, above all , that I have gained a great experience. If you like to be with a lot of people and want a good mix of free time and studies, I can only recommend the university in Essex to you!

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