University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business

By | January 14, 2023

The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business is a top-ranked institution offering a variety of programs for students wishing to pursue a degree in business. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs. The school has several research centers that focus on areas such as finance, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and marketing. It also has an excellent faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing students with the best possible education. The school has numerous partnerships with leading companies and organizations around the world that provide students with internships and job opportunities. Additionally, the school offers various student clubs and organizations that allow students to get involved in the business community. See topschoolsintheusa for part time MBA programs in Wisconsin.

Noted as one of the leading business schools in the state, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business has distinguished itself with reputable career service, high average starting salary and rigorous academic curriculums. On this page specified for University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, you can also find its complete admissions application information, such as average GMAT scores, undergraduate GPA ranges, average professional experience and acceptance rates for part-time, full-time and executive degree programs offered by University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. According to AbbreviationFinder, University of Wisconsin – Madison is abbreviated as UWM.

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business

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Business School Admissions

Application (Fall 2022)

Application deadline (U.S. residents) April 28
Application deadline (international students) April 2
Application fee $56

Admissions & Enrollment (Full-time)

Acceptance rate (full-time) 33.0%
Average age of new entrants 28
Average undergraduate GPA (full-time) 3.42
Undergraduate GPA range (10th-90th percentile) 2.9-3.79
Entrants providing undergraduate GPA 89
Average GMAT score (full-time) 676
GMAT range (10th-90th percentile) 560-730
Entrants providing GMAT scores 88
Students with prior work experience 100
Average work experience (months) 59

Admissions & Enrollment (Part-time)

Acceptance rate 89.1%
Average age of new entrants 30
Average undergraduate GPA 3.20
Undergraduate GPA range (10th-90th percentile) 2.7-3.6
Entrants providing undergraduate GPA 50
Average GMAT score 585
GMAT range (10th-90th percentile) 489-680
Entrants providing GMAT scores 49
Students with prior work experience 50
Average work experience (months) 70

Admissions & Enrollment (Executive Degree Program)

Acceptance rate 85.4%
Average age of new entrants 39
Average undergraduate GPA 3.30
Undergraduate GPA range (10th-90th percentile) 2.40 – 3.90
Entrants providing undergraduate GPA 34
Average GMAT score N/A
GMAT range (10th-90th percentile) N/A
Entrants providing GMAT scores 0
Students with prior work experience 34
Average work experience (months) 176

GRE Scores

GRE accepted for admissions Yes
Percentage of fall 2013 entering class that submitted GRE scores N/A
GRE accepted as alternative to GMAT N/A

Undergraduate Majors


TOEFL required for international students Yes
Minimum TOEFL score required 600 paper test
100 internet-based test
Mean TOEFL of entering students 103 internet-based test
Median TOEFL of entering students 102 internet-based test

Factors and Procedures Used in Admissions

Full-time program
We use a holistic approach to evaluate each candidate. Our admissions team examines the applicant’s passion for their selected area of specialization, academic success, leadership potential and long-term career goals. Additionally, we consider letters of recommendation, work experience, community service and volunteer work, undergraduate academics, standardized test scores, essay responses.
Executive program
Our executive MBA students are successful leaders and experts who are looking for the next opportunity and want to broaden their professional reach. Candidates must have at least eight years of work experience, approval from their current employer, two letters of recommendation, and undergraduate transcripts. The GMAT exam is not required.
Part-time program
Our selective admissions process ensures each student gains insights and connections from classmates. Requirements include a GMAT score, two recommendations, two essays, and undergraduate transcripts, and two years of work experience. We evaluate applicants based on academic and professional qualifications, fit within the lock-step cohort program structure, and suitability to team-based learning.
Part-time distance learning program N/A

Admissions Contacts

Director of admissions Will Wait
Full-time program phone (800) 390-8043
Full-time program email
Full-time program website http:/​/​www.​bus.​wisc.​edu/​mba/​
Executive program phone (608) 263-1169
Executive program email
Executive program website http:/​/​www.​bus.​wisc.​edu/​execmba/​
Part-time program phone (608) 263-1169
Part-time program email
Part-time program website http:/​/​www.​bus.​wisc.​edu/​evemba/​
Part-time distance learning program phone N/A
Part-time distance learning program email N/A
Part-time distance learning program website N/A

* Business School Admissions details based on 2022 data

Business School Career and Salary

Class of 2022

Full-time graduates 110
Full-time graduates known to be seeking employment 106
Full-time graduates employed at graduation 75.5%
Full-time graduates employed three months after graduation 88.7%

Base Salary: Overall

Total reporting base salary 90
Low base salary $45,000
Average base salary $95,066
High base salary $135,000

Base Salary: U.S. Citizens

Low base salary: U.S. citizens $45,000
Average base salary: U.S. citizens $96,216
High base salary: U.S citizens $135,000

Base Salary: Foreign Nationals

Low base salary: Foreign nationals $65,000
Average base salary: Foreign nationals $81,429
High base salary: Foreign nationals $105,000

Signing Bonus: Overall

Total reporting signing bonus 68
Low signing bonus $1,000
Average signing bonus $18,830
High signing bonus $60,000

Signing Bonus: U.S. Citizens

Low signing bonus: U.S. citizens $1,000
Average signing bonus: U.S. citizens $19,182
High signing bonus: U.S. citizens $60,000

Signing Bonus: Foreign Nationals

Low signing bonus: Foreign nationals $5,000
Average signing bonus: Foreign nationals $14,400
High signing bonus: Foreign nationals $32,000

Other Compensation: Overall

Total reporting other compensation 32
Low other compensation $1,200
Average other compensation $14,377
High other compensation $87,000

Other Compensation: U.S. Citizens

Low other compensation: U.S. citizens $1,200
Average other compensation: U.S. citizens $14,745
High other compensation: U.S. citizens $87,000

Other Compensation: Foreign Nationals

Low other compensation: Foreign nationals $7,200
Average other compensation: Foreign nationals $8,850
High other compensation: Foreign nationals $10,500

Base Salary by Occupation

Numbers for employment by occupation are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.

Number reporting marketing/sales jobs 33
Marketing/sales low salary $45,000
Marketing/sales average salary $94,176
Marketing/sales high salary $110,000
Number reporting operations/production jobs 13
Operations/production low salary $50,000
Operations/production average salary $89,923
Operations/production high salary $108,000
Number reporting general management jobs 4
General management low salary $60,000
General management average salary $101,250
General management high salary $125,000
Number reporting finance/accounting jobs 29
Finance/accounting low salary $60,000
Finance/accounting average salary $94,672
Finance/accounting high salary $125,000
Number reporting management information systems (MIS) jobs N/A
Number reporting consulting jobs 4
Consulting low salary $127,000
Consulting average salary $131,750
Consulting high salary $135,000
Number reporting human resources jobs 5
Human resources low salary $73,658
Human resources average salary $83,132
Human resources high salary $93,000
Number reporting having jobs in other areas N/A

Base Salary by Industry

Numbers for employment by industry are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.

Number reporting government jobs N/A
Number reporting manufacturing jobs 14
Manufacturing low salary $65,000
Manufacturing average salary $92,068
Manufacturing high salary $110,000
Number reporting non-profit jobs N/A

Base Salary by Geographic Region

Numbers for employment by location are based on those graduates who reported base salary information by three months after graduation.

Number reporting jobs in the Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT) 13
Northeast low salary $60,000
Northeast average salary $98,154
Northeast high salary $135,000
Number reporting jobs in the Middle Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV) N/A
Number reporting jobs in the South (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) N/A
Number reporting jobs in the Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI) 50
Midwest low salary $45,000
Midwest average salary $94,079
Midwest high salary $130,000
Number reporting jobs in the Southwest (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX) 12
Southwest low salary $75,000
Southwest average salary $99,333
Southwest high salary $135,000
Number reporting jobs in the West (AK, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY) 12
West low salary $60,000
West average salary $91,833
West high salary $110,000
Number reporting jobs located internationally N/A

* Business School Career and Salary details based on 2022 data