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How to get to Algeria

Overview Algeria is a country in Africa according to pharmacylib. A fascinating mix of cultures sharing one vast country, Algeria offers dreamy white fishing villages and olive groves as well as verdant mountains and the dramatic natural landscapes of the Sahara and Hoggar Mountains. The Sahara, which occupies more than four fifths of Algeria’s area,… Read More »

Algeria Economy 2005

HUMAN AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY North African state. The population, according to an estimate of 2005, amounted to 32.854 million residents, With an annual growth coefficient that in the period 2000-2005 was dell ‘ 1, 5 %. Most of it lives in the urbanized coastal plains and in the adjacent mountain valleys, while the density decreases… Read More »

Algeria Economy

Business Despite domestic political unrest and the state of emergency that ran from 1992 to 2011, Algeria is still an important industrial state in the Arab world. The dominant branches of the economy are the extraction and processing of oil and natural gas. As a result of the falling income from the oil business due… Read More »