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By | January 15, 2023

MBA Programs in Rhode Island

Welcome to the top MBA directory in Rhode Island. We have created the list of best Rhode Island business colleges that provide BBA, MBA or DBA programs. Most business schools offer full-time, part-time and executive education. Such rankings are based on the student surveys, alumni reviews, admissions profiles, employment rates, average starting salary and peer school assessment. To find out detailed information about admissions and career about each school in Rhode Island, just follow the link below.

Rhode Island [ro u da in ʹlənd], abbreviated RI, state of the United States; 4,000 km2 (of which land area 2 700 km2), 1.1 million residents (2018).Rhode Island, located on the Atlantic coast, is one of the six New England states and the United States smallest state. In the southern part of the state lies the island of Rhode Island; 117 km2. The capital of the state is Providence. Check abbreviationfinder for more abbreviations of Rhode Island as well as other acronyms that have the same abbreviation like Rhode Island. Visit topschoolsoflaw for top law colleges in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Location Map

Rhode Island. State Map.


Rhode Island is mostly flat or hilly and the highest point, Jerimoth Hill in the northwest, reaches 247 meters above sea level. The eastern part of Rhode Island is flatter. The coast to the south has marsh areas, beach tracks and lagoons, while the east coast is lined with numerous islands. The entire state has been covered by inland ice, and moraine and glacial deposits are common.

The state has a humid climate type with an annual rainfall of about 1,000 mm. In Providence in the Northeast, the average temperature in January is -1 °C and July 22 ° C.


After New Jersey, Rhode Island is the most densely populated state in the United States. About 90 percent of the residents live in Providence’s metropolitan area. The population is predominantly white and of mixed European origin. See towns in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Population


The service sector and manufacturing industry dominate Rhode Island’s business sector. Agriculture, which focuses on products for the neighboring towns, plays an important role, as does fishing. The state, which was of great importance to industrial development in the United States, has an extensive and increasingly versatile manufacturing industry with production of, for example, metal products, machinery and electronic products. The textile and clothing industry is still important, but Rhode Island is best known for its production of jewelery and silverware. Health and medical care as well as tourism are important cornerstones in today’s business world. Trade and shipping have always played a role; There are many good ports around the Narragansett Bay, such as Providence and the Newport Sailing Center.

Tourism and gastronomy

Tourism is one of Rhode Island’s biggest sources of income. The main destination is Newport, especially for sailing and boating enthusiasts. The city also has a culturally historically interesting settlement with both houses from the 18th century and many manor-like summer houses built around 1900 for famous New York millionaires. There is also the oldest synagogue in the United States from 1763. For religious historical interest, the country’s oldest Baptist church is also in the capital Providence, which is also a popular destination.

Rhode Island Sight

Rhode Island. The Slater Mill factory in Pawtucket from the 1790s is of great industrial historical interest and can be counted as the origin of the industrial revolution throughout the United States.

The tradition of the original primitive conditions during the early colonial period lives on. The long cook, who cared for herself so that the women could participate in the rest of the work, is still in the boiled dinners that are still served; the remains turn into flannel hash. Seafood has always been important, and the recipes for clam chowder (milky mussel soup) are countless. Also steamed clams (cooked mussels) are a common dish, as is haddock sauté (browned breaded haddock baked in oven with vinegar). The inspiration from the Native American diet is evident in dishes like baked squash(small squash or pumpkin plants baked in glow and served with butter) or the cornmeal-prepared ginger and molasses or syrup dripping dessert indian pubbing.


The Massachusetts Bay-driven Roger Williams founded 1636 Providence as a residence for religious freedom and separation between church and state; similar non-Puritan principles were founded in 1638 Portsmouth, 1639 Newport and 1643 Warwick. These four colonies formed a covenant, which in 1663 had its colonial constitution approved by England. Rhode Island was the driving force in the wrestling with England in 1776 but in 1790 ratified the new constitution with great doubt.

The economy was dominated by agriculture and trade, but a textile industry developed early. During the 20th century this has declined and the industry has diversified. Politically, Republicans dominated 1865-1930, after which the Democrats were leaders.

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