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According to watchtutorials, the population of the Bahamas is estimated to be around 390,000. It is a diverse population that includes people of African, European and Asian descent. The majority of the population is of African descent (83%) while the remainder is primarily of European or Asian heritage. The official language is English but there are also many dialects spoken in different regions. Bahamian Creole is a popular language amongst the locals. The Bahamas has a largely Christian population, with over 75% identifying as such and most of them being Protestant denominations. Roman Catholicism makes up about 17% of the religious population and there are also small communities of Muslims, Jews and Rastafarians. There are many other religions practiced throughout the islands as well ranging from Hinduism to Buddhism to various indigenous religions. Education in the Bahamas is free for all citizens up to age 16 and literacy rates are quite high at approximately 98%. The economy relies heavily on tourism as it contributes almost 60% to GDP and employs around 70% of the Bahamian workforce. The main industries include banking, fishing, pharmaceuticals, rum distilling, textiles and shipbuilding. See itypetravel for Bahamas Population and Language.

Bahamas Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Bahamas: Political System The Bahamas has been a sovereign state and a parliamentary-democratic monarchy in the Commonwealth since 1973. The formal head of state is therefore the British Queen or the British King, who is represented by a Governor General. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Bahamas politics, and acronyms as well. The traditional closeness… Read More »

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Overview The quiet, sheltered bays and uncrowded beaches of the Bahamas offer visitors the intimacy of a quiet retreat in the midst of a surprisingly large archipelago. Twice the size of Spain, the Bahamas is made up of over 700 palm islands. The name Bahamas comes from the Spanish baja mar – flat sea. The… Read More »