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List of MBA Colleges in Washington

List of MBA Colleges in Washington

Welcome to the top MBA directory in Washington. We have created the list of best Washington business colleges that provide BBA, MBA or DBA programs. Most business schools offer full-time, part-time and executive education. Such rankings are based on the student surveys, alumni reviews, admissions profiles, employment rates, average starting salary and peer school assessment. To find out detailed information about admissions and career about each school in Washington, just follow the link below.

Washington [wɑ: ʹʃiŋtən], abbreviated WA, state of the western United States; 183,000 km2, 7.5 million residents (2018).Washington is one of the Pacific states. The capital is Olympia, which is part of Seattle's metropolitan region. Check abbreviationfinder for more abbreviations of Washington as well as other acronyms that have the same abbreviation like Washington. Visit topschoolsoflaw for top law colleges in Washington.

Washington. State Map.


From the Pacific to the west, the Coast Ranges rise. They are separated from the rest of Washington by the Pugets Strait, which continues as a fertile lowering south. To the east of the sink are the volcanic and partly glacier-covered Cascade Mountains, with the highest peak Mount Rainier, 4 392 m asl. Eastern Washington is largely occupied by the Columbia Plateau, which, with its eroded lava fields, forms a wild and dramatic landscape. The plateau is drained by the Columbia River with tributaries.

The climate in western Washington is maritime. Seattle has an average annual rainfall of 800 mm and an average temperature in January of 5 C and in July of 18 C. In eastern Washington, the climate is more continental with hot dry summers and cold, rainy winters.


The population of Washington is growing faster than in the United States as a whole. About 80 percent of the population is white, 4 percent black and just under 2 percent Native American. The Asian element (8 percent) is growing, which is partly related to Washington's close trade contacts with the states of East Asia. More than 80 percent of the population lives in cities, mainly around the Pugetsundet (Seattle's metropolitan area 3.8 million residents, 2016). Many of Washington's residents are of Scandinavian origin.

Washington Population 2020


Trade and industry are Washington's most important industries. Military and other federal operations as well as military orders to industry play a major role, making the state's economy relatively vulnerable. Agriculture produces wheat, fruits and vegetables as well as meat and dairy products. Half of Washington is wooded, and the forest industry is of great importance. The manufacturing industry is versatile with the aerospace sector as the best known. Several large companies are headquartered in the state, such as Boeing Company (aerospace industry) and Microsoft Corporation (computer industry). Trade and shipping play a major role, not least the relations with the Asian market.

Tourism and gastronomy

Seattle is the main destination, though Washington's biggest attraction is the beautiful and varied nature. The state has several national parks, of which the largest and most wilderness is Olympic National Park in the coastal mountains west of Puget Sound. In the Cascade Mountains there is also the North Cascades National Park at the border with Canada and Mount Rainier National Park southeast of Seattle. About 75 km further south lies Mount Saint Helens volcano.

To the east of the Cascade Mountains is the Grand Coulee Dam in the Columbia River and related recreational areas of interest. From the colonization period there are a number of forts and other historical monuments. Popular tourist destinations in Seattle include the former Seattle Center exhibition area (1962) with Space Needle as well as Pioneer Square and Pike Market along with The Waterfront (quay area) towards Elliot Bay.

Washington. The View Tower Space Needle in Seattle. The tower was erected for the world exhibition in 1962 and is 184 meters.

The food in Washington is very much tied to traditional cuisine with steaks, steaks and pies, but seafood and salmon facilitate nutritional intake. Salmon chowder (crab salmon soup), crab Louis (crab salad with chilli mayonnaise) and Seattle baked salmon (salmon grilled on a wooden board) are recipes reminiscent of seafood availability. Apples are not only included in desserts, but also in sauerkraut and sausage dishes are the popular flavors.


Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States maintained long-standing supremacy over the area, which until the 1840s was mainly inhabited by various Native American people; the only European settlements were mission stations and fur trading companies' trading stations. From 1824 the United Kingdom and the United States managed the area jointly. Through the opening of the Oregon Trail) In 1842, the American colonization increased rapidly, and a conflict arose that was resolved in 1846, when the current US-Canada border was established (the Oregon Treaty). The area became its own territory in 1853 and was then given its name. Washington reached its present limits in 1872 and became the state in 1889. In 1883, Washington received its first rail link and has since developed rapidly. Agriculture, fishing and the timber industry were for a long time the most important industries, but during the 20th century an extensive shipbuilding and aircraft industry was developed. Politically, Washington has been a bipartisan state with a certain takeover for the Democratic Party since the 1930s.

Washington MBA Universities





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