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How to get to Morocco

Overview Morocco is a country in Africa according to thereligionfaqs. In Morocco, as you relax in your hammam (steam bath), spoon up your tagine (stew), haggle for good merchandise in souks or don a comfortable kaftan, it’s amazing how easy it is to slip into another culture. To orientate yourself, you only have to look… Read More »

Surf Camp in Morocco

ACCOMMODATION AND SURF LESSONS IN MOROCCO (AGADIR/TAMROUT) DEPARTURES: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Validity period – on request. Our company offers its customers a high level of service for those who want to surf or continue their achievements in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Professional surf school and surf camp. Details: The surf camp itself… Read More »

Morocco Demographics 1936

Population. – The census carried out in French Morocco on March 8, 1936 gave a population of 6,296,012 residents of which 6,059,509 Moroccans and 236,503 foreigners. Among the latter there were 177,018 French, 23,645 Spaniards and 15,645 Italians. Of the indigenous people 5,898,197 are Muslims and 161,312 Jews. The census notes a considerable increase in… Read More »

Morocco Children and School

Lessons in Arabic and French In Morocco, too, children have to go to school. School attendance is compulsory for everyone between the ages of six and 15. In contrast to many other African countries, almost all children actually go to school: 97 percent. Because that was not the case for many years, only 73 percent… Read More »