Surf Camp in Morocco

By | March 31, 2022


DEPARTURES: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Validity period – on request.

Our company offers its customers a high level of service for those who want to surf or continue their achievements in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Professional surf school and surf camp.


The surf camp itself (accommodation) is located in the village of Tamraght, a five-minute walk from the beach and surf spot – Crocodile Beach, 15 minutes (14 km) from the city of Agadir, 40 minutes from Agadir airport and 2 km south of Taghazout village This is a traditional Moroccan style building that accommodates 20 people, all rooms are equipped for a comfortable stay, facilities on the floor, usually this does not bother tourists much, as a surfing trip involves such accommodation. For an additional fee, we can find a room with a separate toilet/shower at a nearby surf camp. The rooms are clean, tidy and comfortable. Three floors. Food in the surf camp is prepared by a local chef, depending on the tastes of customers, both European and Moroccan cuisine is expected. The surf camp trains people from different countries,


  • 7 nights – 480 euros per person
  • 10 nights – 660 euros per person
  • 14 nights – 900 euros per person


  • 7/10 nights surf camp
  • Three meals a day: breakfast, lunch on the beach and dinner, drinks at breakfast and dinner: tea, water
  • Transfer from the airport or bus (Agadir) to the camp
  • Free WIFI – All necessary equipment (surf + wetsuit) per person
  • Qualified instructors – 6/9 days of group surf lessons (4-5 hours per day)
  • Transfer to spots every day

Paid separately:

  • Air flight Moscow-Casablanca-Agadir, Agadir-Casablanca-Moscow – from 400 euros
  • Excursions


Ground floor (one toilet and two showers per floor):
room Three-person room

Second floor (one room with its own shower + shower and toilet per floor):
Two rooms for two, one for three persons

Third floor (shower and toilet per floor):
One room for three people
Shared room for 5 people

It is important!

Knowledge of English is required for at least one person from the group Food can vary (Moroccan, European, without meat, etc.) The camp will always help you find the store you need, tell you where to buy an excursion, etc. The camp itself is located in the city about 15-20 minutes drive from Agadir and it has several shops, as well as massages, etc. From the city there is a bus to Agadir. Skiing takes two hours before lunch and two hours after lunch. On average, a tourist spends on the beach from 10 am to 4-5 pm.


A tourist is met at the train station in Agadir, or at the airport and taken to the camp – about 40 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from Agadir. They settle in the camp depending on the time of arrival – they can offer to ride the second half of the day. In any case, the next day the tourist has breakfast at about 8.30 am and at nine in the morning everyone moves to the ski point. It happens that it is necessary to pick up tourists who live in hotels in Agadir, then this time can shift by half an hour. The instructor chooses a suitable spot for the current day’s wind/wave conditions and the experience of the hikers. They go either in several specially equipped cars or in a minibus. Two spots from the surf camp can be reached on foot – 5-7 minutes to the ocean. And they take to ride on different spots, it really depends on the weather and the level of training of tourists. The longest journey is 1 hour.

These classes are group, the number of people in the group is always different. On average, 5-7 tourists and two instructors. If more is recruited, then invite additional instructors. Upon arrival at the spot, they lay out, get dressed, do exercises, explain how to ride (depending on how much experience the tourist already has), talk about safety and go for a ride. Then it all depends on the desire of the tourist, how much and how he wants to ride. If at least one of the tourists is in the water, an instructor will be with him. Closer to 12 or one o’clock they bring lunch to the beach, usually sandwiches and fruits, food can vary depending on the client’s desire. After lunch, they ride until about 4-5 pm. In any case, at five or six in the evening the tourist is already at the camp. Sometimes you can ask to be taken to Agadir along with those who live in the hotel in order to take a walk there in the evening. If the tour is taken for a week or longer, then one day the instructor takes the team to a very beautiful place – Paradase valley, where you can swim in fresh water and walk along the ‘oasis’, then there is a lunch with a national dish – tagine. This trip takes the second half of the day, that is, the first ride, and this is all agreed in advance with the client. They always take a ball or some other entertainment to the beach so that no one is bored. At the end of the stay in the camp, the tourist is taken to the Agadir airport Now more and more tourists are discovering Morocco, and many have a desire to spend their vacation actively and we can offer tourists exciting surfing. We can also offer the cost of individual surf lessons that we can organize from any hotel in Agadir if this option is available (usually one day – from 50 euros per person.

Surf Camp in Morocco