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According to watchtutorials, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, and its population of over 6 million people reflects the diversity of its culture. The majority of the population is Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and European descent), accounting for over 69% of the population. The remainder of the population is composed of 17% white, 9% Amerindian, and 5% black. This racial diversity can be attributed to Nicaragua’s history as a melting pot for many different cultures. The official language spoken by most Nicaraguans is Spanish, although some smaller indigenous populations still speak their native languages. English is also widely spoken due to the presence of many expatriates living in Nicaragua. Religion plays an important role in Nicaraguan society; around 58% of Nicaraguans identify as Roman Catholic while another 23% identify as Protestant or Evangelical Christian. Other religious groups present in Nicaragua include Judaism, Islam, and various forms of folk religion. The majority of Nicaraguans live in urban areas, with Managua being the largest city with a population size of 1 million people. Other cities such as Granada and Leon have populations ranging from 100,000-500,000 people each. Rural areas are also quite populous; rural settlements are often composed mostly of subsistence farmers whose livelihoods depend on small-scale agriculture and livestock herding. The literacy rate in Nicaragua stands at 81%, which has improved greatly since 1990 when it was only 59%. See itypetravel for Nicaragua Population and Language.

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Overview With its deserted beaches, pristine rainforests, freshwater lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua is a nature lover’s paradise. Nicaragua, which was once rather unsuitable as a travel destination, has left civil war, dictatorship and natural disasters behind and is now an insider tip for eco-tourism and seaside holidays. Nicaragua offers visitors a quieter alternative to nearby… Read More »