Carpathians in Winter

By | May 23, 2022

Small snow-covered houses, lost in the grandeur of sleeping peaks, frosty air, traditions, national dishes, friendly people with their history and customs captivate everyone who decides to spend their holidays in the Carpathians in winter.

The extraordinary beauty of landscapes gives the unique nature of this original region. Here you can spend a vacation for every taste and budget, so a trip to the Carpathians in winter for both young people and couples with children will be an exciting event.

Where to go in the Carpathians in winter

In order to decide where to go and where it is better to relax in the Carpathians in winter, consider the main advantages of a holiday in this region:

  • Healing mountain air.
  • Recovery of the body.
  • Entertainment.
  • Regular transport links.
  • Quality service.
  • Availability.
  • Variability in housing and food prices: from economy to premium class.

A trip to the Carpathians in winter can be aimed at active recreation (skiing, sledding, snowboarding), health programs in popular health resorts in the region, including New Year’s tours.


A complete holiday in the cold season is hard to imagine without mountain trails for the inhabitants of Ukraine. According to topschoolsintheusa, the Carpathians in winter are often associated with Bukovel, with breathtaking descents and a lot of positive emotions. This ski resort is known far beyond the borders of the country. Founded more than 2 decades ago, today it is a place with a developed European-level infrastructure, a wide range of sports and entertainment services, modern hotel complexes, numerous cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

The ski season lasts from December to April. Five mountains, ski slopes of various difficulty levels with a total length of 50 kilometers, 16 ski lifts, an artificial snow supply system, lighting that allows skiing around the clock, rental and sale of modern equipment, instructors, spa and fitness centers, an ice rink, a playground – everything for in order for tourists to rest from the busy rhythm of life, recover and want to come back here again.

The best resorts of the Carpathians in winter

Thermal springs of the Carpathians in winter are an alternative to relaxing by the sea. Most of them are located in the Transcarpathian region. If you do not know where to go to Transcarpathia in winter, we recommend that you consider the popular ones – Kosino and Berehove. The two complexes are close to each other. The first one is known not only for hot springs, but also for medical procedures, entertainment, the second resort has been popular since the last century, and the construction of the new Zhavoronok complex gave this place a “second wind”.

One of the highest mountain resorts is the picturesque Verkhovyna, located on the banks of the Black Cheremosh River. The mountain landscapes of this small town will amaze even an experienced traveler. There are a dozen natural springs with healing mineral water. The slopes of the mountains are gentle and suitable for those who are just mastering skiing. Unforgettable trips to the mountain peaks will brightly complement the impressions of the trip.

The picturesque resort village of Vorokhta is located along the Prut River. Hikes to the highest mountain in Ukraine, Hoverla, are organized from this town. For connoisseurs of ancient architecture, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin is glad to open its doors, and walks along the Old Austrian Bridge will leave an indelible impression.

Quiet exciting leisure will give the longest village in Ukraine Mykulychyn, 44 kilometers long. Surrounded by the natural beauties of the National Park, this is a place for those who do not like large crowds of people and want to retire, recharge with energy and positive.

A trip to the Carpathians in winter: the price of housing and food

According to a query from Ukrainian Google users, the Carpathians are in the top 3 most popular winter destinations. Bukovel is perfect for a family holiday, but prices for accommodation and food are high. In order not to overpay for accommodation and stay in the resort, it is worth considering the option in hotels and houses of nearby villages, from which Bukovel can be reached in 15-20 minutes. These are Vorokhta, Mykulychyn, Tatarov, Yaremche, Yablunitsa.

The cost of housing depends on the conditions and services provided.

So, for example, the Gostiny Dvor “Krasnaya Polyana” in Polyanytsya is located 4 km from Bukovel. The cost of living in a room for four people is 2000 hryvnia per night. This cottage village consists of 16 houses with amenities, there is a pub-restaurant where national dishes are prepared, ski equipment rental. In winter, children can visit the residence of St. Nicholas.

A budget option, for example, the Vykrutasy Suite Hotel, which is located 2.5 kilometers from the famous ski resort. Tourists note the non-standard design of rooms with different names and thematic styling. The cost of the room is from 550 UAH/day.

The original cuisine of this region deserves special attention – a combination of ancient traditions, organic products, and dishes from the peoples of the world. These are dumplings, borsch, Hungarian bograch, banosh, fragrant pastries, grilled meat, krompli, mushroom soup.

The price depends on the status of the institution, its location, the range of dishes. So, for example, for lunch in a Bukovel cafe, you can fit in 400-500 UAH for two. At less popular Karpakh resorts, the price tag will be lower.

Keep in mind that during the New Year holidays, the cost of housing and food can be 20-30% higher.

What to take with you to the Carpathians in winter

Before you put things in your suitcase, decide for yourself what kind of vacation you should be – active, with skiing or snowboarding, or walking, involving excursions to local attractions. It is equally important to check the weather forecast for your vacation.

Things need to be selected individually, taking into account the needs. The standard list includes:

  • Waterproof overalls or a jacket and warm pants.
  • Thick gloves, hat, scarf, socks.
  • Backpack.
  • Thermos for hot drinks.
  • Protective equipment (for outdoor enthusiasts).
  • Change of clothes.
  • First aid kit.

From December to February, the weather can bring “surprises” in the form of cold rain, snow and strong winds, so it’s not out of place to buy a raincoat, as well as water-repellent cases for your phone and headphones. Regular files and vacuum bags will be an excellent protection for documents and money.

Having basic things, everyone determines for himself what needs to be taken first of all, and what can be done without.

Carpathians in winter: what to see

New Year, Christmas is the best thing for an atmospheric holiday in the most beautiful places of the Carpathians in winter. According to statistics, every 3rd trip to this region starts from Ivano-Frankivsk, which is rightly called the “Gate of the Carpathians”. The city is famous for its culture, architecture and brewing traditions. During the school holidays, you can see religious buildings – the Art Nouveau City Hall, the Armenian Church, relax in cozy cafes with a cup of coffee, appreciate the national cuisine and join the celebration, which will be remembered for a lifetime.

Where to find beautiful places in the Carpathians in winter? For experienced travelers, everything is very clear, because such trips have become a good tradition. And for those who are just planning to plunge into the world of a winter fairy tale, we recommend paying attention to the popular ski resorts of Slavske, Dragobrat, Plai, Rakhiv or equally popular sights that will help reveal the idea of ​​this region. Hand-built castles in Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, a palace in the Karpaty sanatorium, functioning monasteries or a quiet rest away from the bustle of the city in small Carpathian villages will allow you to see picturesque places.

Beautiful places in the Carpathians in winter are breathtaking nature. These are small settlements such as Yaremche with Dovbush rock and “Elephant”, intermountain area with Lake Synevyr, the village of Verkhovyna with Hutsul culture, a museum of magic, a cheese factory and embroidered shirts. These are places of power and energy.

Reviews of travelers about these lands repeat in unison about the beauty and tranquility of the mountains, the incredible amount of emotions received here, beautiful, interesting photos of the Carpathians in winter, about clean air, mineral waters that help to improve your health.

Spend a holiday in your own country or decide where to go on a winter vacation in Europe ? Set priorities, assess your capabilities, think over the route and go towards the unknown.

In any case, do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to get new impressions for the coming year, recharge your batteries. Make the journey interesting and share your stories with others in our comments.

Carpathians in Winter