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Sokolovaya Gora, Russia

In the northeastern part of the city rises Sokolovaya Gora. This is the highest place in the city, which can be seen from any corner of it. In ancient times, the Sokolovaya Mountain was called by the Tatars Sarytau, which means “yellow mountain” in Tatar. It is believed that the name of the city came… Read More »

Sightseeing in Italy

Rovereto, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy) According to EZHOUSHAN.NET, Rovereto is located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, 25 km south of Trento. It is the administrative center of the Val Lagarina valley. The city is interesting Museum of Modern Art, Military Museum, which is located in the Castello castle (the museum is dedicated to the First World… Read More »

Carpathians in Winter

Small snow-covered houses, lost in the grandeur of sleeping peaks, frosty air, traditions, national dishes, friendly people with their history and customs captivate everyone who decides to spend their holidays in the Carpathians in winter. The extraordinary beauty of landscapes gives the unique nature of this original region. Here you can spend a vacation for… Read More »

How to Get Around Germany

Transportation Traveling by plane Lufthansa (LH) is the best-known domestic German airline. Eurowings (EW) connects numerous German cities. In summer, connections are offered by on-demand flight services with fixed departure times to Helgoland, Sylt and some East Frisian islands such as Usedom. Air Hamburg (HH) flies from Hamburg to Helgoland, Sylt and Juist. In the… Read More »

Germany Attractions

Baltic coast On the Baltic Sea coast, where there are no tides like on the North Sea, the islands of Hiddensee, Rügen and Usedom are magnets for visitors. The almost untouched landscape on Hiddensee is diverse and the abundance of birds not only attracts ornithologists. Rügen is the largest German island. It is a popular… Read More »

How to get to Azores, Portugal

Overview The Azores are an archipelago consisting of nine widely scattered islands in the middle of the Atlantic, which have remained almost completely untouched for more than 500 years due to their isolation. Because of their volcanic origin, the islands are dotted with deep craters, some filled with shimmering lakes, others overgrown by lush vegetation.… Read More »

How to get to Albania

Overview Albania is a country in Europe according to topb2bwebsites. Friendly and tolerant residents, fascinating historical sites and settlements from the Ottoman Empire, beautiful mountain landscapes and romantic villages – Albania has all this to offer. Hikers will love the Albanian Alps and the Tomorri Massif, cyclists will love the many historical routes that criss-cross… Read More »

How to get to Andorra

Overview Andorra is a country in Europe according to thesciencetutor. Almost entirely hidden in the Eastern Pyrenees lies the tiny principality of Andorra, a country characterized by spectacular valleys and mountainous landscapes, bordering Spain and France. Most of the towns are on the main road that crosses the country. In many villages you will find… Read More »

How to get to Belarus

Overview Belarus is a country in Europe according to thereligionfaqs. Formerly known as Belarus, the former Soviet state called itself Belarus after gaining independence in 1991. The new government sought political and economic ties with Moscow and, alongside the Russian Federation and Ukraine, was a founding member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), whose… Read More »

How to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Overview Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Europe according to softwareleverage. Bosnia-Herzegovina is geographically characterized by its green, mountainous landscape, which is best explored from one of the national parks. The country that suffered the terrible war in the Balkans in the 1990s is still scarred by the events of that time. The infrastructure… Read More »

How to get to Gibraltar

Overview Gibraltar is a country in Europe according to programingplease. Gibraltar is full of surprises: from its lively population of Barbary macaques to its subtropical climate, this little British enclave on the Mediterranean has a lot to offer. The Rock, as Gibraltar is known, is a limestone peninsula with numerous interesting caves and tunnels. The… Read More »

How to get to Hungary

Overview Hungary is a country in Europe according to politicsezine. Surrounded by Slavic lands, little Hungary (Magyarország) is unique in its language, culture and will to survive. Hungarians are incredibly proud of their nation, but that pride is not solely due to their bravery as a people. Hungary also has a number of historic cities… Read More »

How to get to Iceland

Overview Iceland is a country in Europe according to physicscat. Wild, rocky and colourful, Iceland, the “Land of Ice and Fire”, consists of a landscape of contrasts: black lava fields, bubbling blue geysers and green valleys. Bays and fjords dominate the coast, while inland there are many rivers and waterfalls. In 2018 Iceland celebrated 100… Read More »

How to get to Ireland

Overview Ireland is a country in Europe according to philosophynearby. Ireland is a soft green carpet, dotted with sleepy little villages and bustling cities, offering the visitor both natural beauty and sophisticated culture. Ireland also offers a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, from exciting hikes in Killarney National Park to great surfing fun… Read More »

How to get to Italy

Overview Italy is a country in Europe according to pharmacylib. Italy rightly has absolute cult status as a travel destination, because it offers many attractions for international tourists – a dreamlike landscape, countless fascinating cities, a fantastic cultural heritage, a trend-setting fashion industry – but it is and remains above all Italian. Wanting to see… Read More »

How to get to Kosovo

Overview Kosovo is a country in Europe according to payhelpcenter. Kosovo is currently recognized by less than a third of UN member states. It is questionable whether Kosovo will be able to join the UN any time soon, as both the Russian Federation and China have vetoed it. Despite everything, Kosovo, which has not yet… Read More »

How to get to Latvia

Overview Latvia is a country in Europe according to eningbo. Located on the Baltic Sea, Latvia has a remarkably diverse and beautiful landscape, especially considering its small size. Particularly impressive are the quiet Bay of Riga and the wild Baltic Sea with its seemingly endless, often lonely sandy beaches. The dramatic interior, most of which… Read More »

How to get to Liechtenstein

Overview Liechtenstein is a country in Europe according to neovideogames. Tucked between Switzerland and Austria, tiny but beautiful Liechtenstein is often overlooked, despite rivaling its neighbors. In summer hikers and cyclists romp in the stunning mountains and valleys, and in winter the same areas invite you to ski, ice skate or toboggan. Scattered across the… Read More »

How to get to Lithuania

Overview Lithuania is a country in Europe according to naturegnosis. Lithuania is a country of castles, lakes, forests and vast plains bordered by mountains and sand dunes on the Baltic Sea coast. The capital Vilnius is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, mainly because of its baroque old town.Lithuania gained its independence as… Read More »

How to get to Luxembourg

Overview Luxembourg is a country in Europe according to militarynous. Luxembourg is an attractive country with a scenic landscape of rolling hills and valleys and a multitude of historical sights. There are also beautiful forests, wine-growing regions and impressive sandstone cliffs to be discovered in Luxembourg. The capital of the same name, Luxembourg, consists of… Read More »

How to get to Macedonia

Overview Macedonia is a country in Europe according to mathgeneral. North Macedonia is a mountainous country in the heart of the Balkan region, boasting beautiful valleys and lakes and a rich Hellenic history. After an almost thirty-year dispute over a name change, Macedonia has agreed with its Greek neighbor and renamed itself the Republic of… Read More »

How to get to Malta

Overview Malta is a country in Europe according to internetsailors. Malta – a small country with big character – that means bright blue water, hidden bays, medieval citadels and magnificent baroque churches. Year after year tourists flock to Malta to see its stunning coastline, enjoy fresh seafood and explore the many historic buildings and colorful… Read More »

How to get to Moldova

Overview Moldova is a country in Europe according to hyperrestaurant. Moldova, a country with an interesting history and numerous fertile wine-growing regions, is an unjustly little-known travel destination. In this landlocked Eastern European country you can explore huge monasteries, taste local wines and hike through ancient forests. Although Moldova is one of the poorest countries… Read More »

How to get to Monaco

Overview Monaco is a country in Europe according to homosociety. Monaco is a place of wealth, of glitzy luxury yachts moored in Monte Carlo harbor and of the incessant flow of champagne. Many celebrities love this huge private club on the Mediterranean where they find opulent lifestyle, discreet banks and heavily guarded streets. Those who… Read More »

How to get to Montenegro

Overview Montenegro is a country in Europe according to historyaah. Montenegro is one of Europe’s little secrets, but that could be about to change. In 2006, the people of Montenegro decided to gain independence for their country, ending the era of the former state of Serbia and Montenegro. The tiny country is now determined to… Read More »

How to get to Netherlands

Overview Netherlands is a country in Europe according to franciscogardening. The Netherlands is a vibrant mix of long-standing traditions (think windmills and tulips) and the vibrant lifestyle of modern Europe. The Dutch are a friendly people with a great sense of humour. They always know how to live comfortably, whether it’s on vacation in the… Read More »

How to get to Norway

Overview Norway is a country in Europe according to ezinereligion. Norway is a country for nature lovers, where fjords and glaciers, the midnight sun and wilderness dominate the landscape. Leisure activities such as skiing, fishing and climbing are popular with active holidaymakers, but even those who do not like to do sports will be absolutely… Read More »

How to get to Poland

Overview Poland is a country in Europe according to extrareference. Poland, one of Europe’s most underrated countries, has a lot to offer travelers of all stripes, from the rugged landscapes of the mountainous south, to great skiing and hiking areas, to the magnificent historic cities of Kraków, Zamosc and Gdansk (Danzig), to the great Wilderness… Read More »

How to get to Portugal

Overview Portugal is a country in Europe according to ethnicityology. Although Portugal is somewhat overshadowed by its eastern neighbor Spain in terms of popularity, it is – perhaps for that very reason – an unused tourist gem. Traditional villages and dynamic cities are just as typical of the former seafaring nation as the numerous historical… Read More »

How to get to Romania

Overview Romania is a country in Europe according to estatelearning. Romania (whose most famous resident was the Count of Dracula) – that means forests, medieval churches, coastal villages and historical sights. Bran Castle, consistently presented to tourists as Dracula’s Castle, is the country’s top tourist attraction, but Romania has much more to offer visitors. The… Read More »