Orlando Airport Highlights

By | December 2, 2022

According to deluxesurveillance.com, Orlando is a major tourist destination and is located in central Florida. For those who love excitement and adventure, this destination will be high on the list. From the airport you can easily drive to the best amusement parks in the country.

Car Rental At Orlando Airport

Orlando International Airport is Florida’s busiest airport. The airport is mainly used by passengers who want to admire the beautiful beaches of Florida or who want to visit Walt Disney World. There is one terminal which is divided into four parts. From the central hall you can step onto a so-called ‘people mover’: a cabin that takes you to the various parts of the terminal via a cable.

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Traffic In Orlando Airport And The Surrounding Area

Orlando is located in the southern state of Florida. The airport is a 21-minute drive from the city of the same name via the FL-436. The airport is also an extremely convenient base for cities such as Daytona Beach, Tampa and Palm Bay.

But before you get behind the wheel, it is important to read the traffic rules. There are a number of differences between driving in the US and in Europe. When driving on urban roads, the speed limit is 40-70 km/h. In school zones this limit is lower: 24-32 km/h. If you drive outside built-up areas, you may drive 64-112 km/h, while on motorways this is 88-120 km/h.

You may turn right at a red traffic light, unless indicated otherwise (no turn on red). You must always stop first and give way to other traffic and pedestrians.

The Interstate Highway is part of the American road network. You can recognize this by the letter I before the road number. Road numbers with even numbers indicate a route from west to east, while odd numbers indicate a route from north to south. In urban areas, these roads are quite wide and consist of four to six lanes. The ‘stay in your line’ principle is also often used here: you continue to drive in your own lane and can therefore be overtaken from both the right and left. Therefore, keep a good look around you when you change jobs yourself.

Keep in mind that traffic regulations vary by state. If you have already been to the US once, but in a different state, chances are Florida has different rules.

Let The Adrenaline Flow In The Amusement Parks

Orlando is the place to visit fun amusement park. In 1971, the Walt Disney World Resort opened here, the theme park where you meet all your childhood heroes. What once started with the Magic Kingdom, two hotels and a campground, has now grown into one of the most popular and largest entertainment parks: there are four theme parks, two water parks, a sports complex, restaurants, shops, resorts and hotels. Meet Micky and Minnie Mouse, visit Toy Story Land and ride one of the fun rides. You will also find Universal Studios here, a theme park entirely dedicated to film and television. Many attractions are therefore also based on (cartoon) films such as Men In Black, ET and The Simpsons. But parts of cities such as New York and Hollywood can also be admired here. If you finally want to know how cartoons are made, you will discover it here. If it’s all a bit wetter, Wet ‘n Wild Water Park is definitely recommended. The water is wonderfully cool on a Florida summer day while you slide down a vertical slide, try your hand at water skiing or enjoy a light and sound show in a dark tunnel.

Visit Downtown Orlando

The city of Orlando is also nice to visit. The city has a beautiful historic center that you can stroll through. One of the most notable properties is WonderWorks. This house looks like it just fell from the sky and landed upside down. The story behind this is that the house was once used as a laboratory on one of the islands in the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists tried to induce tornadoes here, but that didn’t end well: the result is a laboratory that ended up upside down in Florida. Of course, the research did not stop here, because children can get to work in the interactive museum.

Go On An Adventure In Gatorland

Those who enjoy some action and adventure can go to Gatorland. Without taking any risk, you will meet alligators and crocodiles. You can see them here from being a baby to a fully grown ‘monster’ of over four meters. You can also admire birds, wild cats, snakes and turtles here. Soar over the park on a cable car, hurtling over the crocodiles and alligators and past the treetops. Watch one of the shows where they feed the animals or even get up close and personal with one of these reptiles.

Orlando is exciting and full of adventure. But if you look closely, you will also find plenty of places to walk in peace through the beautiful nature and the nice historic center of the city.

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