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Semester at California State University, East Bay (2)

Dear future CSUEB students, I am studying industrial engineering at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and spent the 2011 Fall Quarter at CSUEB. Preparation You should prepare for your planned stay abroad at an early stage. I started about three quarters of a year before my stay abroad and decided on the “cheapest” alternative:… Read More »

Study Abroad in University of California, Davis

A stay abroad is always culturally enriching, especially if, as in my case, the chosen country corresponds to personal and academic interests. Therefore, the academic added value of my semester at the University of California, Davis should be the focus of this report. The extensive planning process, which I initiated in the winter of 2012,… Read More »

Study Abroad in Boston University

Why Boston I am currently studying in Germany at the university of the S-Finanzgruppe as part of the MBA program – that is, part-time. Therefore, a full semester abroad was out of the question for me. After trying out various short semester alternatives (from Vienna to Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Hawaii), I finally ended up… Read More »

Sacrament, California

Sacrament to any act or ritual by which Christians seek to express their faith in God and represent it in a concrete way, with some type of sacrifice, effort or public demonstration. The sacrament is one of the most important moments of religion since it supposes the direct connection between the individual and his God, his… Read More »

Virginia Overview

Virginia receives its name from Queen Elizabeth I of England, who was known as “the virgin queen.” The state is known by the nickname of “Old Dominion” (Old Dominion) and sometimes by the one of “Mother of Presidents”, for being the birthplace of eight American presidents. It borders: to the North and Northwest with the state of West… Read More »