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By | October 20, 2021

In autumn 2011 I decided to spend a semester abroad in Mexico. Since the deadlines at my university have long since ended, I was forced to try another way. At the International Office at my home university I was told to contact MicroEDU. I also did that. After a short e-mail, everything was described to me how the registration would work and I was able to plan my semester abroad. Since I really wanted to go to Monterrey, I only had the option Universidad Regiomontana, which later turned out to be a direct hit.

Since I had been to Mexico before, I knew that I would need a student visa instead of a tourist visa. The German head of the International Office helped me take care of everything. The university even provided a lawyer who took care of everything with me in the immigration office.


Because there are many different universities in Monterrey. it is also logical that many students are looking for a place to stay. This was very beneficial for me because I didn’t have to worry about finding anything at all. The housing offer was great. In addition, the IO of the Universidad Regiomontana gave me some websites where I could look for apartments. One of these sites was rentaplace. com. I found a wide range of apartments there. Then I got in contact with them and arranged for an apartment in VillasTec within 3 days. The apartment contained everything you need to live, ie kitchen (with dishes and all necessary accessories), own bathroom, living room and of course a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

From VillasTec or TorresTec it takes 15-25 minutes by taxi to get to the UR, depending on the traffic situation.


Monterrey is more or less the Ruhr area of Mexico. That means it is an industrial city that is very Americanized. Nevertheless, the city has a lot to offer in terms of sights. The city center (Macroplaza, Av. Zaragossa) is partly shaped in colonial style. There you can visit the old town hall (Palacio Municipal). There is also a park in front of it, where you can spend your time very nicely from time to time. What is definitely recommended from the city center is the Museum of Mexican History (Meseo de la historia mexicana). It describes the whole history of Mexico very well.

Another point that you should definitely visit is El Parque Fundidora. It is a park on the old site of a copper foundry. There you can pass the time in a nice way.


People in Mexico always find a reason to celebrate. There are no longer any clubs in Monterrey itself, but there are plenty of discos in nearby San Pedro. You just have to take a taxi and for 70 peso (4 euros) you can get there very easily. Admission is usually not required, but there are some clubs where you have to pay 70 peso.

The most popular clubs are: PinkDonkey (Thursdays), Queen, DClub, Barezzito, etc. There is also a club in Monterrey called Jackson.

When it comes to bars, you have a lot of options. You can go to Sierra Madre, where the “German” beer is served, or to CaboGrill, Cantinita, Costenito, etc.


Most of the lectures are held in Spanish. That means knowledge of Spanish is definitely required. But you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Personally, I didn’t find the level at university difficult. It had something of the upper school level, so groups of max. 30 people, the professor explained everything several times if someone did not understand it. I also had the advantage that, as a foreign student, I could always use my dictionary during exams.


Mexico is known for its many tourist locations. To get there I recommend taking a bus, a plane or simply renting a car.

According to topschoolsintheusa, the bus network in Mexico is very well designed, so you won’t have any problems traveling long distances. You can also come to many interesting destinations by plane, such as Cancun, Cuidad de Mexico or Acapulco. There is a low-cost airline called Vivaareobus. com. There you can find all flights at good prices.

Interesting travel destinations:

  • Cancun
  • Mexico City
  • Guanajuato
  • Oaxaca
  • Tuxtla Gutierrez
  • Guadalajara
  • Queretaro
  • Huatulco
  • Puerto Escondido
  • San Cristobal
  • Palenque
  • and much more.

Another good tip is Xilitla. There you can visit the castle of Edward James and jump from up to 17 m high waterfalls or cliffs.

Study in Universidad Regiomontana