Interstate 94 in Illinois

By | October 28, 2022


Get started Winthrop Harbor
End Lansing
Length 78 mi
Length 126 km





According to bestitude, Interstate 94 or I -94 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois. The highway runs its entire distance through the Chicago suburban area. The route forms the northern artery of the city, and is double-numbered with Interstate 90 in Chicago. The route is 126 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Interstate 94 in Wisconsin enters the state of Illinois at Winthrop Harbor, then runs due south in 2×3 lanes. This is the only connection between Chicago and Milwaukee. I-94 is a toll road, the Tri-State Tollway, opening up the northern suburbs located on Lake Michigan, extending 60 kilometers from Chicago. The first larger suburb is Waukegan, with 94,000 inhabitants. Parallel to I-94 is US 41, a major highway. The service area near Lake Forest has a building over the highway. The suburbs here are still fairly sparsely populated, with often wide green belts between the various suburbs, so that the whole is not yet very integrated. That’s only true from Deerfield, where I-94 turns southeast, while Interstate 294 begins here, forming the western bypass around Chicago, also a toll road.

Just after this is the last toll plaza of the I-94, and the highway will become toll-free. In Northbrook, US 41 merges with I-94. The road is then called the Edens Expressway. There are still 2×3 lanes available. One passes through the wooded older suburbs of Chicago. From Skokie, the neighborhoods are built up more densely, in a tighter grid model, this is where the real Chicago begins. After traveling a few miles within the city limits, I-90 merges, coming in from Rockford and Madison. The highway will then have 2×5 lanes with 2 interchangeable lanes, and a railway line in the central reservation. The highway here is called the Kennedy Expressway. Chicago is densely populated, with many detached houses built almost abutting each other. From the highway, the skyline is already visible in the distance, which is dominated by the 442-meter high Sears Tower. One then comes along the Chicago River, where industry is located.

The skyline slowly approaches, only to tower over the highway. The highway is below ground level, and is partially tunnelled. A section with an extreme exit density begins along the west side of a center, with 8 exits within a kilometer. Significant traffic jams can arise here because the underlying road network cannot process all the turning traffic, in combination with access roads that merge to the left. The last of these fast-track exits is the interchange with Interstate 290, the Eisenhower Expressway, which leads to the western neighborhoods and suburbs. This junction is a tight turbine junction.

The highway is then called the Dan Ryan Expressway and has 2×4 lanes. On the south side of downtown, one crosses Interstate 55, which leads to the state capital Springfield and Saint Louis. The highway then has 2×4 lanes with a railway in the central reservation. This is being converted to a 3+4+4+3 lane system. It then comes to the south of the city, and Interstate 90 branches off to Gary. The I-94 then continues further south, which actually doesn’t belong in the numbering system, with 2×4 lanes. A little further south of the city, the highway splits into Interstate 57 heading south to Memphis, and I-94 southeast toward the southern suburbs along the Indiana border.

The highway is then called the Bishop Ford Freeway, and then has only 2×2 lanes. The I-94 is less important here, as the through traffic can be shorter to the east via the I-90 that exited earlier. A little further on, the road widens again to 2×3 lanes, and the road runs through an industrial area. At South Holland, I-94 merges with Interstate 80, turning east. SR-394 continues straight ahead, to further suburbs to the south. I-80 comes from Davenport and is one of the busiest freight corridors in the United States. There are then 2×5 lanes available. A little further on follows the border with Indiana, where Interstate 94 in Indiana andInterstate 80 in Indiana continues to various cities such as Indianapolis, Cleveland and Detroit.


According to biotionary, on December 20, 1951, the Edens Expressway opened to traffic for 14 miles, Chicago’s first freeway. On August 28, 1958, the toll road portion of I-94 from the Wisconsin border to Highland Park opened to traffic for 30 miles. On November 5, 1960, the Kennedy Expressway opened to traffic. In 1962, the Dan Ryan Expressway in south Chicago opened to traffic. The Bishop Ford Freeway also opened to traffic in 1962.


The northernmost portion of I-94 is a toll road between the Wisconsin border and the Edens Expressway in Northbrook. The toll costs for a passenger car over the entire toll length are $4.70 in cash and $2.35 with an I-Pass. This amounts to $0.098 per kilometer in cash and $0.049 per kilometer with an I-Pass. This makes I-94 slightly more expensive than most other toll roads in the Chicago area. In 2012, toll costs almost doubled compared to 2011.


I-94 is busy along the entire route. In particular, the section that is double-numbered with I-90 through Chicago has poor traffic for a large part of the day. Bottlenecks include the merging of I-90 and I-94, the interchange with I-290, and the exit ramps to downtown. The Dan Ryan Expressway is less prone to congestion than the Kennedy Expressway due to the larger number of available lanes and the presence of a parallel structure. The portion that is double-numbered with I-80 near the Indiana border has a high proportion of freight traffic.

Connections & traffic intensities

# destination AADT
1A Newport, Russell Road 72,000
1B Newport, Skokie Highway 57.100
2 Zion, Rosencrans Road 64,600
8 Gurnee, Grand Avenue 94,000
10 Gurnee, Milwaukee Avenue 88.100
11 Gurnee, Belvidere Road 108,000
14 North Chicago, Buckley Road 115,700
16 Libertyville, Rockland Road 123,700
19 Lake Forest, Town Line Road 134,400
22 Lincolnshire 142,800
24 Deerfield 153,000
25 O’Hare Airport, Bypass Route
28 Northbrook, Waukegan Road
29 Northbrook, Skokie Highway 112,600
30 Northbrook, Dundee Road 135,700
31 Northfield, Tower Road 125,800
33 Northfield, Willow Road 149,300
34A Wilmette, Skokie Road 130,000
34B Wilmette, Lake Avenue 137,200
35 Skokie, Old Orchard Road 150,800
37 Skokie, Dempster Street 149,500
39 Skokie, Touhy Avenue 156.500
41 Chicago, Peterson Avenue 162,500
41C Chicago, Cicero Avenue 150,300
42 Chicago, Foster Avenue 148,300
43A Chicago, Wilson Avenue 148,300
43B Rockford 299,900
43C Chicago, Montrose Avenue 268,300
43D Chicago, Kostner Avenue 274,000
44A Chicago, Irving Park Road 288,000
44B Chicago, Pulaski Road 272.300
45A Chicago, Addison Street 262.600
45B Chicago, Kimball Avenue 270,000
45C Chicago, Belmont Avenue 263,500
46A Chicago, California Avenue 270,300
46B Chicago, Diversey Avenue 276,500
47A Chicago, Western Avenue 251,000
47B Chicago, Damen Avenue 281,500
48A Chicago, Armitage Avenue 273,400
48B Chicago, North Avenue 274.200
49A Chicago, Division Street 288,300
49B Chicago, Augusta Boulevard 288,300
50A Chicago, Ogden Avenue 288,300
50B Chicago, Ohio Street 250,900
51A Chicago, Lake Street 250,900
51B Chicago, Randolph Street 250,900
51C Chicago, Washington Boulevard 250,900
51D Chicago, Madison Street 250,900
51E Chicago, Monroe Street 250,900
51F Chicago, Adams Street 250,900
51G Chicago, Jackson Boulevard 250,900
51H west suburbs 212,300
52A Chicago, Taylor Street 241,600
52B Chicago, Roosevelt Road 252,400
52C Chicago, 18th Street 252,400
53B St. Louis 164,700
53A Chicago, Cermak Road 201,500
54 Chicago, 31st Street 255,800
55A Chicago, 35th Street 266,000
55B Chicago, Pershing Road 265,200
56A Chicago, 43rd Street 264,800
56B Chicago, 47th Street 274.800
57 Chicago, Garfield Boulevard 265,200
58A Chicago, 59th Street 270,200
58B Chicago, 63rd Street 271,200
59A Gary, Cleveland 247,000
59B Chicago, Marquette Road 241,700
59C Chicago, 71st Street 238.100
60A Chicago, 75th Street 236.100
60B Chicago, 76th Street 216,600
60C Chicago, 79th Street 216,600
61A Chicago, 83rd Street 216,600
61B Chicago, 87th Street 216,600
62 Chicago, 95th Street 217,500
63 Memphis 150,700
65 Chicago, 103rd Street 129,300
66A Chicago, Pullman Historic District 134,900
66B Chicago, 115th Street 151,300
68 Chicago, 130th Street 147,600
69 Chicago, Beaubien Woods Forest Preserve 155,200
70 Calumet City, Dolton Avenue 121,500
71 Calumet City, Sibley Boulevard 127,900
73 South Holland, 159th Street 118,300
74 Joliet, Des Moines 181,200
161 Lansing, Torrence Avenue 153,800

Interstate 94 in Illinois