James Cook University Singapore Review (4)

By | June 4, 2021

Asia “light”

You are interested in Asia, but don’t want total culture shock? If you can answer “yes” to this question, then you should apply for Singapore. Singapore, the “gateway to Asia”, offers you many possibilities. So why Singapore?

I went to Singapore because it is unique as a location in Asia. In addition to studying, I wanted to travel a lot, visit neighboring countries and go on many weekend trips. During my five months there, I was in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Flights or buses to other countries are relatively cheap and there are a number of highlights in the area. There are the temple complexes (Angkor Wat) in Cambodia, the skyline of Hong Kong or the full moon party in Thailand, all of which you just have to discover!

In addition, Singapore is quite western. You see a lot of non-Asians from all over the world. This internationality fascinated me and surprised me again and again. So I was able to make many new friends from all parts of the world who work, study or do internships there. I travel very often with these people and, of course, fellow students. B. celebrated in Thailand on the island of Koh Pangan and experienced a lot. It is also worth traveling for a few weeks after the semester and seeing more of the countries, depending on your budget. It is worth booking flights etc. early, otherwise it can be expensive.

But not only the neighboring countries offer the opportunity to discover Asia. We went with the university to the Singapore Zoo, which is world famous. The artificial island of Sentosa invites you to relax, a game of beach volleyball there after university is fun for everyone. There are also various nature reserves to discover, the island of Pulau Ubin or simply the opportunity to stroll along Orchard Road. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a pool at lofty heights or the One Altitude as the tallest building in Singapore offers thrills and the desire for more. Have you ever had a party on a helipad with a 360 ° view on the 70th floor? 😉

In my experience, everyone in Singapore understands and speaks (at least partially) English. Therefore, there is no language barrier and you can move around freely. There is also almost no crime, nothing has been stolen from me. Just across the border in Malaysia, however, that’s a whole different matter. You won’t find pure Asia in Singapore, but you get an impression. To experience Asia in all its diversity, you have to fly to the neighboring countries.

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Regarding public transport, I can only say: PERFECT! You can travel inexpensively from one end of the city to the other with the MRT (subway), a variety of buses join the MRT network. Otherwise you can also take a taxi, which is definitely cheaper than here. At night, however, you only need taxis. This website is helpful: http://gothere.sg/maps

Singapore is quite expensive, rooms in shared apartments or apartments cost a fortune, and living in the city center is almost unaffordable for students. However, I lived in the city center and always had short distances – very practical! I lived with young people who all worked. From my point of view, it is better to find accommodation yourself (not easy), otherwise you will only be with people from the university. In addition, it was no problem to take in guests (e.g. from home).

In contrast to the rent, it is very cheap to eat in the so-called food courts. You can get fresh food there for a few dollars, and you can find these food courts everywhere. There is all kind of Asian food, but also European food, but most of them are more expensive.

From my point of view, the university was good. As a Study Abroad student it is not really exhausting and you have a lot of time for other things. The university offers you a range of clubs, from sports to the Toastmaster Club. You can definitely get to know a lot of people there. Otherwise, attendance is mandatory, both for the lecture and the tutorial.

One last tip: try the food street in Chinatown, it is very nice there in the evening at dusk! Have fun in Singapore !!!

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James Cook University Singapore 4