Niue Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

By | January 15, 2023

Niue: Political system

The official name of the country is:


According to topschoolsintheusa, Niue is a parliamentary-democratic monarchy in the Commonwealth, the head of state is the Queen of England. The state is a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand.

The Fono Ekepule is a unicameral parliament with 20 members who are elected for three years.

The Niueans officially have two citizenships, Niue and New Zealand.

National anthem

The national anthem of a country is a piece of music that is usually underlaid with a text, which is intended to express the state and national feeling of a country. It is usually played on special festive occasions, such as state visits, special holidays or to honor politicians, business leaders, etc. The introduction of the national anthems goes back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The original text in Niuenisch

Ko e Iki he lagi

Kua fakaalofa mai

Ki Niue nei

Kua pule totonu

E patuiki to atu

Kua pule okooko

Ki Niue nei

Kua pule okooko

Ki Niue nei

The English translation

Lord in heaven

Thou art merciful

To Niue.

Thy reign is gentle,

O King of Kings,

Thy reign supreme

Over Niue

Thy reign supreme

Over Niue

In German,

Lord in Heaven,

you are gracious

to Niue.

Your reign is gentle,

O King of kings,

your reign over Niue

is powerful,

your reign over Niue

is powerful.

National flag

The national flag (national flag) of a country symbolizes, among other things, certain historical developments or special characteristics of this country. It serves z. B. for ships the identification of the country of origin or for soldiers their affiliation to a certain country. Flags, field symbols, flags or coats of arms have often had a high symbolic value since ancient times, for example soldiers were and are called to the flag, an ensign used to carry a flag or a field symbol in battle to orient the soldiers of the unit.

Meaning of the flag of Niue

Based on flag descriptions by, the golden color represents the bright sunshine of Niue and the warm feelings of the Niueans for New Zealand. The Union Jack is supposed to represent that Niue was a British protectorate. The four little stars symbolize the “Southern Cross”, which represents the relationship between New Zealand and Niue. The larger star with the blue disk stands for Niues self-government and the deep blue sea that surrounds Niue.

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Niue: Well-known people

Visual artist

  • Mark Cross: contemporary painter and photographer
  • Al Pisimani: contemporary artist who causes a stir with installations.
  • Glenda Vilsoni: contemporary painter living in New Zealand
  • John Pule: contemporary painter living in New Zealand

Niue Politics