Tourism in Czech Republic

By | August 11, 2022

According to HOWSMB.COM, the Czech Republic is a country of many faces. Not only lovers of ancient history and culture come here, but also playboys who prefer to have fun in clubs and pay local ladies for a night of love.

How much do sex services cost in the Czech Republic? Where to find relaxed Czechs in short skirts and open necklines and how not to make a mistake?

As you know, the top ten sex countries include such powers as Germany, Holland, Thailand and others. Despite the fact that you will not find the Czech Republic on this list, quite a few tourists still have the opportunity to appreciate all the features of national Czech sex.

There are free brothels in the Czech Republic. Arriving there, the visitor receives everything necessary: ​​linen, towels, security equipment. For this they ask only one thing: to sign a paper stating that the visitor does not object to the broadcast of his love joys on the Internet.

Interestingly, there are dozens of scientific papers on the topic of Czechoslovak sex, to which hundreds more absolutely unscientific ones should be added. Be that as it may, the whole meaning of these works comes down to only one meaning: Czech sex is one of the most cynical in the world, and besides, it is completely devoid of sacredness.

In this country, sex is treated as a simple human need, the same as food, sleep, rest. Therefore, tenderness and affection are as much in demand as gas and oil, and prostitution here is quite commonplace, which is treated very calmly.

According to the researchers, Czechs in intimate matters are much more active than men. This can be explained by the peculiarities of the drinking traditions of the country. After all, Czechs usually taste beer in early childhood. As a result of the frequent use of beer, many Czechs by the age of 30 begin to develop apathy and complete indifference to nightly adventures. And, of course, a quite predictable reaction follows from women: in this country, a phenomenon of sexual hospitality that is completely unusual for Europe is observed. This phenomenon is very well known in Western countries. In our country, very little has been heard about him yet.

The meaning of this phenomenon is that the Czechs offer their guests their girlfriends, mistresses and even wives with great pleasure. And they see nothing unnatural in this. According to them, all these love claims are absolutely uninteresting for them, so they see no reason to interfere with their soul mates to have fun with other men.

Because of this attitude towards sex, there are very few sex attractions in the country, but what is there can capture the imagination of even the most sophisticated tourist. What is the museum of sex machines, recently opened in Prague. About 100,000 tourists visit this museum, located on three floors of an old building in the city center, where almost two hundred erotic exhibits are collected. The collection even contains erotic films made by amateur cameras at the very beginning of the 20th century, erotic clothing and other items with a very obvious purpose.

As for prostitution, here it is the most profitable area of ​​the illegal economy. Every evening at exactly 6 pm, on the Old Town Square, as if on command, a whole detachment of beautiful and smartly dressed girls appears. This can also be seen on Narodna Street and other very popular and crowded places in the center of Prague. According to some estimates, these girls earned almost 6 billion crowns during the last year alone. This is a very considerable amount, which is 0.2% of the total national income of the entire country.

In western Bohemia, on the streets of the city of Ash there will be signs depicting female lips, crossed out or not. So tourists will be informed about the legality of sex services in the area. By law, the mayor’s office cannot ban prostitution in the entire city.

According to statistics, in the Czech Republic there are a total of about 6,300 priestesses of love, and most of them are foreigners. Each girl during the day is able to earn about 80 dollars (or 2500 crowns in national currency).

Despite the very high tolerance, there are sometimes discussions in the country about the advisability of legalizing this type of activity. Thus, several years ago, the question of creating a special area in Prague where all prostitutes could be resettled was seriously discussed. However, these plans were not destined to come true, but about 70% of Czechs support the idea of ​​legalizing prostitution.

When looking for representatives of the oldest profession, it is quite possible to stumble upon your compatriot. This is not at all surprising, since 500,000 Russian speakers live in the Czech Republic, and half of them, of course, are women. Compared to native Czechs, Russian girls usually look much better. As a rule, they prefer long-term relationships with men permanently residing in the Czech Republic or on long-term business trips. Our compatriots can be met on Rimskaya and Parizhskaya streets or on Wenceslas Square.

There are several styles and trends in Czech prostitution. The same phenomenon, however, is observed in almost all countries. The most popular genre is street prostitution. Representatives of various nations are engaged in this type of activity here; you can meet Romanians, Slovaks, Albanians and gypsies. But the Czechs themselves, as well as Russian girls, are not observed among all this diversity. Being on the street, these girls behave very actively, flirt and flirt with passing men. The price for their services ranges from 20 to 100 dollars per hour. However, using the services of street prostitutes can be very dangerous, because, following a pretty girl.

The social services of the Czech Republic have published a comic brochure for representatives of the oldest profession. In it, experienced colleagues give the girl advice on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, remind her about medical examinations, and teach her how to use contraception correctly.

There are also Russian brothels in Prague, but they have never been particularly popular. The owners of these establishments are usually a well-known type of people with gold teeth and wearing sportswear, and their services are provided by Moldovans, Ukrainians and Russians who do their work without much interest and excitement. Yes, and where does he come from, the excitement is if their passports are constantly under the reliable protection of the boss’s safe. In these establishments there are raids from time to time, so their owners have recently had more problems.

But Czech establishments of this type, on the contrary, are distinguished by order and cleanliness, as well as very nice and friendly “workers”. The owners of these establishments have a very respectable and representative appearance. As a rule, only Czechs work here. These prostitutes are distinguished by a good education and excellent manners. It is almost impossible to meet Ukrainians and Russians here. Prices here are twice as high compared to street services, and range from 40 to 200 dollars per hour. The price depends on the freshness and appearance of the prostitute.

In reputable sex establishments, their own security structures usually also work. It is their duty to keep order both in the institution itself and in the surrounding area. The most famous Prague nightclubs are Venuse (Venus), Butterfly, Lotos, Million Dollars, Kleopatra and many others.

Another direction in the sex business is Call-girls, whose services are usually used by business people. Having dialed the number, it is enough to name the address, and within 20 minutes the girls will be delivered here by car. Moreover, the prices here are very small, it is quite possible to get the appropriate services for $ 30 per hour. It is noteworthy that Russian-language Call-girls services have recently appeared.

Tourism in Czech Republic